I recently bought a new hosting package from HostGator and spent quite some time before finding a HostGator coupon code that actually worked. The reason is they change their codes every now and then and the ones that worked a month ago may not work today.

Anyway, I decided to keep testing their codes every month from now on and make them available to you too 😉

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Now, let me tell you shortly how my experience has been with them so far.

SUPPORT – what I really like is that they offer live support chat. You can also submit email support tickets but live chat is way faster. Last time I asked them to enable catchall for all my domains. It took them about 6 minutes and all was set. The support guy even apologized for not getting it done faster 😉

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RESOURCES – they offer unlimited disc space and unlimited bandwidth which is really cool. Due to that I have been able to use my FTP account not just for hosting my web pages but for sharing really big files (mp3’s, large picture files, movies etc) with my friends.

GUARANTEE – I don’t think I need this but it doesn’t certainly hurt to have a 45-day money back guarantee.

PERFORMANCE: I haven’t noticed any downtimes so far. I did a little research on this topic before opening my account with them and here’s what other people have to say:

“Hostgator is hosting their sites on high end Dual Xeon servers and their data centers are hosted on ThePlanet in the city of Dallas. Their data centers connect to ten backbone providers. They provide 99.9% up-time guarantee which is a standard in hosting industry.

We began testing HostGator’s uptime in real time on February 2008. The testing was done on a domain hosted with HG, using a 3rd party uptime monitoring services. Overall, HostGator has been amongst the best performing host compared to all hosts monitored. They have provided continuous high up-time. There has never been a single case of domain being down for more than ten minutes in a row. HostGator indeed lives up to their reputation.”

Well, that’s it boys and girls. Bookmark this page and come back whenever you need new HostGator coupons. I’m going to keep testing all new codes that come out so you can always use the latest working HostGator coupon.